“Thank you for all the hard work and we look forward to continue working together on the assessment of pilots.”

Captain George Azar

Head of Flight Operations , Middle East Airlines (Lebannon)

“What I took away from the course (Competency based Interviewer Training Course) was a more professional way to interview and grade candidates.  I would highly recommend this course to others.”

Captain Victor Brandao

General Manager , Alpha Aviation Academy (United Arab Emirates)

“Excellent training. Highly Professional.  Highly recommended.  (Competency based Interviewer Training Course)”

Bob Joyce

Aerosim , USA

“Margie Burns and Peter Rhodes of Aviation Selection Consultants have in the past provided pilot assessments at our facility in Bahrain on behalf of our airline clients. The assessments consisted of psychometrics, psychological assessment and airline interview. The selection services provided by this team are very professional and I would have no hesitation in recommeding Margie and her team for any pilot assessment projects.”

Captain Dhaffer AlAbassi

Chief Operating Officer , Gulf Aviation Academy (Bahrain)

“Margie Burns has provided cadet selection services to the Irish Air Corps for 20+years.  She has a flawless reputation for getting the job done and for being a pleasure to work with.  The selection system has significantly reduced the number of cadet officers who fail during training .”

Lt Col (Retired) James A Lynott

Officer Commanding Air Corps College , Irish Air Corps

“I was recently tasked by a client in South East Asia to provide them with qualified flight crew with part of the assessment process involving online psychometric testing.  I turned to Margie Burns for help as she provides, in my opinion, the most industry relevant set of pilot tests which focus on aptitude, stress management and cockpit relations.  Margie kept in touch during the whole process and provided feedback in a timely and professional manner.  Both myself and my clients were extremely impressed by the thoroughness of the reports which were provided.  When the need is required again to provide aviation psychometric testing I will only consider using Aviation Selection Consultants.”

Mark Patterson

Aviation Recruiter , Direct Personnel International

“In the spring of 2016, Flairjet Ltd employed the services of Aviation Selection Consultants (ASC) on behalf of the aircraft owner, ABP food group Ireland.  Having conducted some initial research with other colleagues in the aviation sector, both from a military and commercial background, ASC were continually being recommended as the preferred recruitment agency for pilot selection.  Therefore, that made the decision clear to work with ASC in this task.  They thoroughly assessed each of the candidates.  Deetailed reports were provided on each of the candidates and were professionally presented by an ASC representative on completion of the process to the board members.  Each of the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, in the pre-briefed competencies tested, were individually discussed in depth.  I felt that the advice and recommendation provided by ASC was very well received by the board members.  This in turn helped to reassure Flairjet in awarding the position to the most suitable candidate.  Now being almost 18 months working with this individual I can reaffirm that ASC helped greatly in finding the most suitable candidate for the position ”

Captain Barry Kelly

Captain with ABP , FlairJet (UK)

“I think the structure was great as well as the progression.  Also there was a suitable amount of time for Q & A.  Practical exercises were fun and kept the mood light during the course.  I took away a more realistic view on how to conduct a proper interview and how to yield the best results. ”

Captain Mike Helton

Cadet Pilot Interviewer, Aerosim (USA)

“My experience of working with Aviation Selection Consultants was of a professional, cordial and competent organisation that delivered all contracted services on time and to the specified standard. ”

Lt Col Conleth Walsh

Officer Commanding Air Corps College , Irish Air Corps