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Everything you need to know about becoming an airline pilot

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This book is the ‘holy grail’ for every aspiring pilot. It is highly informative, honest and concise and written by a true professional and expert in the field of pilot selection, coaching and wellbeing”. Lt. Col Andrew MacIntyre – Pilot and Adjunct Professor of Aviation Degree Programmes at Dublin City University. Do you dream of becoming an airline pilot, but you don’t know where to start? What knowledge, skills and aptitude are important to airlines? How do you measure up? How do you decide which flight training school to attend? What is the reality of being an airline pilot? How much do pilots typically earn? Where can you complete an independent assessment to find out if you are suitable? What options are open to you? What subjects do you study to become a pilot? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Perhaps, you have already started your journey but want to make sure you stay on track and achieve your goal. This book looks at all the information and answers you need to guide you on your way to becoming an airline pilot. Click here to buy the book

Welcome to Aviation Selection Consultants

My name is Margie Burns and I am delighted to introduce you to our range of assessment, selection and development services tailored for the aviation industry. I have spent 27 years in the aviation industry, and I am as passionate today as I was starting out with Aer Lingus, working on cadet pilot recruitment 27 years ago. I had the pleasure of working at Director level, with the world leader in pilot recruitment, Parc Aviation for 13 years in Ireland, Singapore and Vietnam. I managed a Type Rating Training Organisation (TRTO) and a Pilot Training College (ATO). We have a great team at Aviation Selection Consultants and at our sister company Aviation Coaching Alliance with experience & qualifications in human resources, psychology, coaching, psychometrics, leadership development & training, project management of large scale recruitment projects & aviation English, to name a few. ​ We share a passion for Aviation and doing what we can to improve standards within the industry. Hence, our goal is simple, to help our aviation clients select, train and develop the best candidates cost effectively without compromising on quality or standards.​ ​

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