If you are an Airline, ATO, MRO, Civil Aviation Authority and are interested in getting a quote for online psychometrics to assess pilots, air traffic controllers, apprentices, engineers, cabin crew or any other position, please get in contact and we can provide you with a quote and sample tests.  We also design competency based selection systems and provide competency based interviewer training courses tailored for the aviation industry. 

If you are a pilot applicant considering investing in becoming an airline pilot and you are interested in having an independent assessment before investing significant time and money, please go to and log in there for further information of our independent assessment and our wellbeing programme.  Unfortunately for 50% qualified pilots with Commercial Pilot’s License, but who did not undergo an independent assessment in advance, they are unable to get jobs as airline pilot.  You need to ensure you do not become part of this statistic.  By completing our ‘Independent Assessment’ you will get detailed and impartial analysis of the competencies that you are strong/weak on and how you might improve etc.

Please find below some downloadable PDF flyers of our services.  Please click on the links below to find out more information.  Better still, get in contact with us by clicking on the contact button and send us a message. 

All of our services are 100% Confidential.  The platforms that hosts our tests are secure and safe. Please contact us if you would like more information on any of these services.